Separate the drama from the reality

I will teach you how to separate the drama from the reality in order to achieve calm, peace and clarity on wherever you want to go in your life.

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About Jennifer Barris & Eudaimonia Therapy

I am a certified eudaimonia clinician and licensed psychotherapist with over 30 plus years experience.

Eudaimonia therapy is a step above traditional psychotherapy. It is by far the most effective therapeutic technique I have encountered in my 30 plus years of practice. The methods and tools I teach are life altering, and the results are immediate.

This therapy is a combination of traditional psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, energy work and a life coaching component.The tools and techniques that you will learn through Eudaimonia therapy are practical and efficient. With eudaimonia you get to the bottom line far quicker than traditional therapy

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My approach with clients is empathetic, direct, and practical to help clients lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

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How to transform your life.

Wednesday, February 31st, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
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I have two physical locations in Massachusetts and I offer Zoom telehealth worldwide.

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