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What is Eudaimonia Psychology?

Eudaimonia® Psychology utilizes positive psychology methods and tools to help people live in a consistent state of well-being. This unique therapy is based on the understanding that if you change your thoughts you will change your life. Eudaimonia® Psychology is centered on learning how to flourish emotionally, moving away from the pursuit of happiness – which has become a broken model. Eudaimonia® Therapy teaches you how to decide and react emotionally to your circumstances, and thrive as a result of your ability to make choices.

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story can make all the difference.

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What is Eduaimonia Psychology?

Traditional psychotherapy takes people from a -20 back to their baseline.

Eudaimonia therapy takes people from their baseline to wherever they want to go

My Eudaimonia Story

Eudaimonia psychology is by far the most effective therapeutic technique I have ever encountered in my 30 years of practice.

As I was taking this certification course, it was naturally recommended that we clinicians practice the exercises that we will be implementing in our own practice first on ourselves rather than on our clients. So I started on one of the exercises as I was driving to work, and 15 minutes through the exercise, I literally had to pull my car over and stop. Not because I was in danger but because I was literally in shock. I completely connected the dots within my own life. I was blown away. These exercises work! And every single person I have used these techniques and exercises on wanted more. I had clients texting me who I’ve known for many years, asking could we please continue and do more of that type of therapy.

The power and life-altering change Eudaimonia offers is undeniable. It quite simply just works. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

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Living in a state of Eudaimonia means

• Taking 100% responsibility for your life
• Knowing that everything happens for you, not to you.
• Understanding there are no mistakes in life, only choices and consequences.
• Obstacles are nothing more than stepping stones.
• You live by intention rather than reaction.
• There are no rules except for the ones you place upon yourself.
• Letting go of all that is negative.
• Changing your thoughts will change you life.
• You are never too old to accomplish your dreams.
• You can accomplish anything when you stand in your power.
• You are perfectly imperfect as God doesn’t make junk!                      

-Dr. Donna Dannenfelser

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Eudaimonia therapy is suitable if you:

• Struggle to distinguish between drama and reality
• Seek clarity in life
• Feel trapped in your past
• Battle with fear and worry, leading to an incessant cycle of overthinking
• Long for inner peace and calm amidst the chaos around you

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